The Georgia Elementary School is trying to break down the traditional walls of providing teaching instruction by implementing educational learning opportunities that are more appropriate for specific audiences.


We know that children develop socially, emotionally, and academically at different rates, throughout their lives, and that such growth occurs at different times throughout the calendar year.


To believe that all students are at the same place (academically, socially, and emotionally) on the first day of school each year is unrealistic and pigeonholes students in receiving instruction that could be academically too high or below their need, thus hindering growth and accomplishments. This is why our school has started to pilot “cross hallway learning opportunities”


Cross hallway learning opportunities are done both individually and in small groups.  When a teacher or team believes that a student or students could benefit from another teachers instruction then the planning and personalized rescheduling of the day begins.


The following pictures are from a kindergarten and first grade classroom that work collaboratively to provide focused, planned, reading and literacy skill instruction.


Children are matched with peers, at similar developmental stages, but not necessarily the same grade level to accomplish assignments and activities.


Children love working with both older and younger students and the instruction fits appropriately. The smiles of success and accomplishments say it all.

Target 2. Leadership:  Students will engage in innovative learning opportunities for local and personalized learning.

Action Step: Students will act as coaches, facilitators, and co-learners while collaborating and communicating with one another.

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