The sound of rock music and engaged children laughing and dancing can be heard coming from the BFA Fairfax Elementary Cafeteria every Friday. The school lunchroom is a busy and energetic place. Lunch is also a really important time of day for students. In twenty-five short minutes, students must navigate the lunch lines, find their table, eat their lunch, and socialize in respectful and responsible manner.


Last year in an effort to improve the eating environment, our lunchroom monitors began playing music on Fridays while our grades three, four, and five students have lunch. In addition, we allowed students the option to dance when they were finished with their lunches. To our surprise our students immediately responded to this opportunity in a positive way!


We quickly noticed that lunchroom behaviors improved and students and staff were eager to dance week in and week out.


Now on any given Friday you you can witness students, staff, and the Abbey Group staff dancing to Journey or the Chicken Dance as we continue to work to enhance our school climate and provide a student centered learning environment.


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