One of our first choice classes in Block 4 at GEMS offered “Sewing for a Cause.” During this class students learned basic sewing using sewing machines, rotary cutters and hand stitching. In the beginning of the class their hand stitching started out by them repairing their own clothing to sewing intricate patterns for quilts.


Besides learning sewing skills, students were introduced to a number of benefits which previous students had decided to help. Using fabric and tools of the trade, students chose their cause. Articles of clothing and other projects were produced to benefit:

  • Chemo hats for UVM Medical Center
  • Pillow cases for COTS
  • Quilts for COTS
  • Stuffed animals for Ronald McDonald House
  • Preemie outfits for UVM Medical Center
  • Christmas stocking for Georgia Library

GEMSew2It’s amazing what students can and want to do for others given the time, skills and place. Both the students and the recipients benefited from “Sewing for a Cause.”


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