Students in Sara Villeneuve’s Public Speaking class at BFA spent the day learning from professionals who use their voice to earn a living. The students traveled to Burlington to visit TV station WCAX and radio station Planet 96.7.


Students were able learn about careers in broadcasting and journalism. They witnessed radio personnel on the air, met television studio personnel and watched a live news broadcast.


It was cool to see how they go through their day and how they do their job as well as the types of public speaking opportunities there are” -Senior Chris Pendris


“I was surprised that Channel Three was not like you see on TV. It was professional looking, but it’s really just in a warehouse” -Senior Alisha Lawrence


“It was cool to see how they got the radio broadcast on air. I always thought that there would be records and turntables, but everything is prerecorded. The only thing they do live is the commercials” Senior Nick Hill


“It was really fun to discover everything. The experience was just awesome!” -Senior Katie Badger

The trip was a great opportunity to connect with community partners who focus on communication skills and the use of effective voice. Teachers at BFA and throughout FWSU are focusing on developing ways for students to demonstrate proficiency in Clear and Effective Communication. Students will utilize their new knowledge to create radio broadcasts and infomercials. The infomercials will be filmed at LCATV later this semester.

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