This past Saturday, BFA Fairfax Middle School hosted the 2016 VPA Regional Geo-Bee contest. The event featured students from Albert D. Lawton, St. Albans City, and BFA Fairfax Middle Schools.  

geobee3Geo-Bee is an amazing academic experience for many reasons. Geo-Bee requires students to recall information, effectively communicate, collaborate, take risks, challenge themselves during a highly competitive and  authentic learning assessment.


The Geo-Bee team at BFA Fairfax is organized every spring. It is made up of between 4-6 middle schoolers, who meet several times a week both before and after school to prepare for the competition. This year’s competition was extra special as it was the first time BFA hosted. Principal Thomas Walsh served as quizzer. The two judges were 6th grade teacher Lindy Carpenter, and BFA senior Geoff Schukei. Geoff is a veteran of 3 Geo Bee teams, including the 2012 state championship team.


Congratulations to the team from Albert D. Lawton Middle School for winning the Regional Competition! Good luck at the Vermont State Geo-Bee competition.

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