Walk the halls of BFA and you will experience the artwork of Emily Garland’s high school art students. The corridor that connects the main lobby to the art room consistently displays the products of art students from beginner to advanced.


Without the artwork, you’re just walking through a hallway. It’s great to have something to look at!” -Trevor C

The artwork changes throughout the year as new projects are completed and new classes begin. Currently, the displays include still lifes, optical illusions, sculptures and digital photographs.

“I like that there is so much different stuff displayed throughout the year. The variety of work is cool” – Andrew S


In addition to helping display the art, students participate in a gallery critique once the work has been placed.

“We make art. We exhibit it. We reflect and analyze. We build skills and expose students to a variety of mediums. These are the standards for art in high school.”-Emily Garland, Art teacher


Another way to view BFA student’s artwork is to attend the Art and Music Night on May 24th. Student artwork will be displayed in the Richard Brown Gymnasium. The gallery viewing will be followed by a concert by the band and chorus. Our artists hope to see you there!


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