Today’s FWSU STORY features a guest post by Eric Hadd: 


In the past 2 weeks, our space has really transformed from what it was, a dated Computer Lab, to what it will be, a modern Innovation Lab!  Sections of wall were removed to create a single larger space. The end result will be part computer lab, part workshop, part learning laboratory. We will have numerous resources and tools to allow students and teachers to create, collaborate, and solve problems across the curriculum.


The pictures below show the new lab this morning, September 12, 2016.  Painting and electrical work are continuing as we plan for the placement of some of the furniture.  Miss Stevenson’s class helped determine the proper spacing for the new tables.


With our new laptops up and running our middle school students have started to dig into game design. Last week students learned to create sprites and objects and how to control their movement. They will be making full games in no time!  We also have groups of students designing Minecraft Worlds and investigating Election 2016 through the design thinking process.


There is much more to come!


Eric Hadd is a Technology Integrationist at GEMS. Learn more about the Innovation Lab here.


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