FWSU is proud to offer innovation spaces in all three of our schools. This blog series will feature each of these unique spaces and how each of them impacts student learning. Today, you can learn about the GEMS Innovation Lab.

Students collaborate on a project in the GEMS Innovation Lab

Last year, the Lab was just getting opening its doors when school started. You can read about it here in a blog post discussing how this space took shape. Throughout the year, after a great start, the GEMS Lab continued to expand and develop curricula for students to express themselves in innovative ways.


Students designing in a flexible learning environment.


Under the leadership of Dayle Payne and Eric Hadd, Educational Technology Specialists at GEMS, students across all grade levels can now access digital tools and equipment to design, make, and express themselves.


Having fun with circuits!


The GEMS Innovation Lab is a space for students and teachers to create, collaborate, and solve problems in every area of the curriculum and beyond. Some exciting new learning opportunities this year will include:

  • Research & Development course where students can tinker
  • GEMS TV where students produce digital content to play in the GEMS lobby
  • Fabrication course using 3D printing
  • Focus groups working on digital stories, games, and circuits
  • Elementary classrooms can now utilize the space


Students can now produce digital content for GEMS TV


To keep updated on the current projects, you can follow GEMS Innovation on Twitter @GEMSInnoLab.


Follow us on Twitter!


We are looking forward to all of the innovative learning projects that will be created in the GEMS Innovation Lab!


Makers hard at work in the GEMS Innovation Lab



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