spedmeeting2The first district special education department meeting of the year was held in September. The meeting focused on developing consistency of procedures and planning tools to increase the systemic approach to teaching and learning designed to meet the individualized needs of all students.


The group completed a team building activity and designed meeting norms to increase productivity during upcoming meetings. Teachers had an opportunity to collaborate and design meeting expectations and norms. Providing ongoing professional development and time to collaborate ensures consistency of district-wide initiatives and improves teaching and learning.


As a district, we are work together to increase inclusion and continue to expand the continuum of specialized instruction and intervention to meet the needs of all students.  Special Education is one component of the system that supports all learners by removing barriers and increasing access for students with disabilities.


3spedmeeting5Special Education is one Component of the Educational System Working Together to:

  • Increase access to meet the needs of all learners
  • Build capacity of supports and services
  • Collaborate and create teaching partnerships


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