picture1There is something magical about taking students outdoors to experience nature. What do you see, hear, smell, and feel? Outdoor learning opportunities provide students with hands-on kinesthetic approaches to learning that are exciting and meaningful. Being able to touch, see, and understand natural concepts helps solidify knowledge of how our world works.

file_003Outdoor learning at Georgia Elementary starts early.

In Preschool students explore their surroundings through nature walks honing their observational and inquisitive thinking skills.


During STEM class, kindergarteners hike the walking path and discuss the sights and sounds of nature.

“I noticed the call of a bird.”

“I saw a grasshopper jump very high.”

“I could smell the air.”


Four Winds is another opportunity where students have exposure to learn about science and nature through outdoor experiences. Adults and children learning together, and exploring nearby natural places, is what Four Winds Nature Program is all about. It is the dedication of volunteers – their time and energy – that makes this happen.

The following is a link to a recent trip to Mills River where students worked with Four Winds Volunteers to learn more about erosion.

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