Bellows Free Academy Fairfax is a great high school. I’ve always believed that the main reason BFA is great is our students. Every day they come to school with great attitudes, work to the best of their abilities in classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and connect with and support their friends. When visitors come to our school, they always share positive comments about our students.


To capture the spirit of our school, I embarked on a project I call #BFA178 (hashtag-bee-eff-aye-won-seven-tee-ate). Each day, I take a picture of BFA high school students doing something that exemplifies their daily experience. My goal is to post a picture every day for all 178 days of the school year.


I catch students in the halls, in classes, the lunchroom, at practices and games…anywhere and everywhere. The pictures are posted on Schoology, the BFA Facebook page and Twitter.


The pictures capture the everyday lives of our fantastic students and show that every day provides a different opportunity for BFA students to grow academically and socially.


Like other Vermont high schools, BFA Fairfax has changed over the past twenty years to meet the needs of our students and the requirements of Federal and State Laws. One thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of our students.


We hope you will search for #BFA178 on Schoology, Facebook and Twitter to join us to celebrate BFA and its students every day!


John Tague is the High School Principal at BFA Fairfax and is a regular contributor to The FWSU Story. You can follow him on Twitter at @jtague252.

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