Special thanks to BFA Fairfax Varsity Head Coach Lee Tourville and Asst Coach Jeff Hamel for contributing this post to THE FWSU STORY. 


Athletics has always been a core component of the learning experience at BFA Fairfax. The intangible life lessons and skills learned through participation on a team are present on a daily basis in practices, games, and meets. Games and meets specifically are often the forum through which students are able to demonstrate these valuable skills. But what if there’s a stretch of time where there are few games, and therefore little opportunity to put student learning into action? The BFA Fairfax Varsity Girls basketball team just had this experience. Through some out-of-the-box thinking however, the coaching staff created an opportunity for the team members to continue their growth in a non-basketball setting.


Varsity coaches Lee Tourville and Jeff Hamel have shared their experience below:

Coming upon a 12 day stretch of no games, the coaches decided it would be beneficial to participate in a team-building event which had nothing to do with basketball. We brought the team to Spare Time for bowling, with intentions of allowing the girls to have some fun!! The girls quickly picked up that we were not participating, so insisted that the coaching staff, as well as our beloved bus driver Jim, be part of the experience. We spent the afternoon bowling, sprinkled in a game of laser tag, ate some pizza, and still got back in time to cheer the boys basketball teams at their games that night.


At the beginning of the season we had individual meetings with each player discussing what we call “roles ‘n goals.” A single common theme was that we hold everyone accountable and have frequent, student-driven reminders to stay focused on this goal! We are proud to say that we are closing in on the halfway point of our season, and this team is working hard everyday to stay #together!!!


The girl’s varsity basketball team is a great example that a united team doesn’t have to possess the most/best athletes; rather, a united team is one where every member has an important role, great or small, in overall team success.


-BFA Fairfax Coaches Lee Tourville and Jeff Hamel

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