For most high school students, Saturday mornings are for sleeping in – that is, unless you are a BFA Fairfax student helping a classmate fulfill their National Honor Society service project requirement! At 7am this past Saturday, a group of 12 students boarded a bus and headed to Barre to assist the Vermont Foodbank. Senior Kira W organized the service opportunity.


“I researched the project and felt like it would be a productive, good way to give back to the community.” -Kira W

While at the Foodbank, the students sorted food into boxes for distribution to hungry families throughout the state. Half the team opened boxes, while the other half used those products to fill boxes for family distribution. The students’ favorite job was operating the box crusher to “reduce” the waste associated with the process.


“I was very impressed with the students’ hard work throughout the day. I was surprised how laborious it was to pack the boxes! Students were very diligent and driven throughout our work time.” – Sara Villeneuve, National Honor Society Advisor

The students also had the opportunity to learn about the operation of the Foodbank. The Vermont Foodbank gathers food, shares food, and nurtures people to help reduce hunger throughout the Vermont.

“It takes a lot of money to run this operation, including $24 million in food costs. Volunteers are really important to make this organization work” – Kira W


The students’ efforts did not go unnoticed by the staff at the Foodbank:

“You packed 630 boxes, which amounts to more than 20,700 pounds. That is 31,500 meals for our Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) – That’s what I call a productive morning! You should all feel so proud of your hard work and dedication to fighting hunger. The work you did translates to individuals and families all over receiving nourishing food and that is awesome.” -Hanna Snyder, Vermont Foodbank


Kira hopes this project will continue every year by some group of students at BFA Fairfax. The amount of good done by these students on one Saturday morning was immeasurable and definitely appreciated.

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