The FWSU WSCC Team (Whole School, Community, Child), led by WSCC Coordinator, Bonnie Poe, met recently to further define a long-term vision for wellness and prevention in the supervisory union.


The teams reviewed the current status and other input factors to determine priorities in implementing an integrated and collaborative approach for learning that addresses social/emotional/physical health, academics, family engagement, school environment, nutrition, community involvement, and employee wellness. In order to both support and extend the reach of FWSU Wellness planning, the team explored partnering with Rise VT.


RiseVT is a community initiative to embrace healthy lifestyles. RiseVT motivates, inspires and works with individuals and families to help them make small changes in their lives that will have a big impact on their health. In addition, RiseVT has strategically placed Health Advocates around Franklin and Grand Isle to work with schools, businesses, and municipalities to wrap around our residents to create an environment where the healthy choice is the easiest choice.


Jessica Frost, a RiseVT health advocate who works with individuals, businesses, families, schools, communities and municipalities who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle by making healthy choices, joined the team to provide information on how she can support our schools in their WSCC work. The FWSU WSCC Team looks forward to our partnership with RiseVT.


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