Georgia Elementary School has been planning, developing, and implementing strategies to support a vibrant student experience each and every day.


School culture is all about bringing a positive, conducive, and effective morale to bolster student learning, fulfillment, and wellbeing.


There are a variety of meaningful opportunities available to students. Here are just a few of the many ways GEMS is advancing a positive school culture:


  • The individual successes of teachers and students are celebrated and recognized.
  • Relationships and interactions are characterized by openness, trust, respect, and appreciation.


  • Staff relationships are collegial, collaborative, and productive and all staff members are held to high professional standards.
  • Students and staff members feel emotionally and physically safe and the school policies and facilities promote students safety.


  • School leaders, teachers, and staff model positive, healthy behaviors for students.
  • Mistakes not punished as failures, but seen as opportunities to learn and grow for both students and educators.


  • Decisions are made collaboratively with input from staff, students, and parents.


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