GEMS 5th graders performed two student-written plays in the library to an engaged, lively authentic audience of parents, teachers, and students.


The two plays were written in an Enrichment playwriting class before being brought to life on stage during an Enrichment drama class. The plays were “The Mission to Salvador” by Nate Forgan and “I Have a Dream” by Brooke Fontaine. Nate’s play transported the audience to the future while Brooke’s play took the participants back in time to Dr. King’s famous speech.


Enrichment drama classes give students the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills through basic drama abilities of enunciation and projection as they don a new persona through their stage character.


For many, this can be the first time students present in front of a live audience. The hope is for the experience will empower these learners to have confidence as they go forward – on stage and off!

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