At BFA Fairfax, school ends at 2:55pm. The buses load up and students are transported home. The nighttime custodians come in and get the building ready for the next day. All is quiet, right? Far from it!


BFA is the center of the community of Fairfax. The building is busy until the custodians leave at 11pm. Our sports teams have priority to use the school facility immediately after school. In the spring season, we have baseball, softball, track and field, ultimate frisbee, and lacrosse teams. Due to the weather, these teams have been practicing indoors in every available gym space until 9pm. Once practices are complete, the gyms open up for AAU teams, Zumba, and Bootcamps.


But the building is not used exclusively for sports. Last week, the following activities were all happening simultaneously during the evening hours: Parenting Workshop, VSAC College Planning, FFW Little League draft, BFA Act 46 meeting, and Fairfax PTSA meeting. And that’s just on the high school side of the building.


In the midst of all this activity, our nighttime custodians work tirelessly to keep our school clean. They not only get the various rooms ready for the meetings, they also go about the business of getting the school ready for the following day.


It takes a team to ensure that BFA Fairfax continues to meet the needs of our students and community after school, while still looking great at the start of each day. We thank our staff who work behind the scenes to keep BFA’s buildings and grounds a place we can all be proud of.

4 thoughts on “BFA Fairfax Behind the Scenes

  1. Our custodial staff are the best! Each one with a unique personality that I am proud to work with! Thanks for all you do, we know you don’t hear it enough!


  2. Glad to see the custodial staff receiving recognition; always enjoyed working with them; especially in the summer months when they were on daily schedule rather than nights.

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  3. What a super team we have and thank you for all you do.. we do appreciate your hard work!!! Great job recognizing this group of hard workers at the school 😊

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