Sixth graders from Georgia Middle School did not waste a minute of beautiful spring weather earlier this week. Roughly 70 students and teachers hiked their way up Georgia Mountain in a quest to learn about the Maple Sugaring industry.

Hunter uses his phone to check the status of different Boosters throughout the woods.

Led by Georgia Mountain Maples employees Hunter and Ryan, students learned that sugaring in the year 2017 involves both technology and hard work. “People outside of Vermont probably do not realize how much work goes into making maple syrup,” speculates sixth grader, Alayna Carpenter. Workers carry heavy vests filled with tools and other essentials through the woods. Lines need to be checked constantly.  If holes or leaks are found workers quickly get to work. “I can’t imagine doing this kind of work in three feet of snow,” admits sixth grader Kendra Smith.

Hunter is hard at work tapping a Maple tree.

The sap quickly makes its way to the Sugar House. After being stored and then run through a reverse osmosis machine, the sap is heated. John Quinn, Georgia sixth grader, sees how technology can back hard work. The Sugar House is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment. “The Harrison Family is using the technology to its full extent,” claims Alex Youchah.

The back pan heats up the sap.

Not only did they share their knowledge about maple sugaring – they even fed us!  Thanks to Shannon Harrison, students enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pancakes, ham, homefries, and lots of fresh maple syrup of course.

Students enjoy breakfast for lunch.

This was more than enough generosity! But the Harrison family had one more surprise in store for our students.

Georgia Middle School sixth graders at Georgia Mountain Maples

Every student left with one pint of fresh Georgia Mountain maple syrup free of charge. Thanks, Georgia Mountain Maples for providing this sweet learning experience for our sixth graders!

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  1. What a wonderful education for all these bright students. As always, the Harrison family is giving to the community in the best of ways❤️

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