BFA Fairfax prides itself on the number of co-curricular options available to students.  At any given time during the school year, 60-80% of our student population participates in one of our various teams, clubs, or organizations. Continuing the tradition of creating new opportunities for our students, BFA Fairfax is extremely excited to be offering our first high school lacrosse club this spring.


With the growth of the sport of lacrosse nationwide, and more specifically in the State of Vermont, the number of students of all ages in our greater community participating in the sport has been consistently increasing.  For the past number of years, the few BFA Fairfax students who have been interested in lacrosse have had the option of participating in programs at other schools through the VPA Member to Member Agreement process.  With the increased popularity of lacrosse in the greater Fairfax community, the number of students interested recently exceeded Member to Member limitations.  Through the cooperative efforts of parents, the Fairfax United Lacrosse Club, and the school community, BFA Fairfax is now fielding its first club-level lacrosse team.


Over the next two years, the BFA Fairfax lacrosse club will be looking to garner numbers, interest, and adequate field space to assess whether or not a Varsity level lacrosse team could be a future sustainable co-curricular option at BFA.  Student athletes have been practicing diligently, and we are all extremely excited to see them take the field in their first game later this spring.  Thank you to all who have supported this new era of BFA Fairfax athletics, and best of luck to all!


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