This past Saturday, BFA Fairfax Middle School hosted the 2017 VPA Regional Geo-Bee Competition.  The event featured students from Albert D. Lawton, Peoples Academy, and BFA Fairfax Middle Schools.  


Geo-Bee is a unique academic experience for many reasons.  Geo-Bee requires students to recall information, effectively communicate, collaborate, take risks, challenge themselves during a highly competitive and authentic learning assessment.


The Geo-Bee team at BFA Fairfax is organized every spring.  It is made up of between 4-8 middle schoolers, who meet several times a week after school to prepare for the competition.


Congratulations to the team from Albert D. Lawton Middle School for winning the Regional Competition!  Good luck at the Vermont State Geo-Bee Finals.   Thank you to the three judges, Lindy Carpenter, Geoff Schukei, and Lily Walsh for your time and support of this learning event.


Finally, a huge thank-you to Jennifer Skerrett for making this opportunity happen for all these students.   She constantly goes above and beyond to create authentic learning opportunities for our students through a well organized and inviting Geo-Bee competition.

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