“There’s a lot of important lessons that you learn in high school. However, the lessons that I may have learned may not be the same as my classmates. All of our experiences were different in high school. There were highs and lows for every single one of us. But I hope that you will look back on these days as some of the best of your life.” – Jake Hakey, President of the Class of 2017



“We will have to face our fears of the unknown, our fears of failure, and our fears of the future. So how do we overcome these fears? Trust yourself and the process. Know that your experiences have shaped you into the person that you are today and that you have the talents, capabilities, and skills to achieve your goals as long as you put in the effort and hard work.” – Rebekah Larose, Salutatorian



“Never be afraid to take time to yourself.  Practice self-care every day, whether that be by drinking a cup of tea, or getting eight hours of sleep.  You are the most important person in your life.  Give yourself the care you deserve.”  Sophie Lee, Valedictorian



“For the first time, the structure and protections we have experienced as children and young adults will no longer be there to shield us from our mistakes and the variables of life. From this moment forward, we are truly exposed to the world, free to make our own decisions and experience new life.” – Julia Stergas, Class of 2017




“I believe that they have fulfilled our vision. BFA Fairfax graduates have the knowledge, skills, and experiences to make the best choices for themselves, their profession, and their community. All that they need now is to take that leap of faith into their future.” – John Tague, High School Principal




“Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2017. What a wonderful group of students!” – Ned Kirsch, FWSU Superintendent






Congratulations, graduates! We are so proud of your accomplishments!

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