This week on the FWSU STORY, we are excited to introduce new educators who have joined our growing #FWSU learning community. Today, you can learn about new teachers at BFA Fairfax!

SEAN THEORET, Technology Integrationist

Sean Theoret

Hometown:  St. Albans, VT

Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Playing Guitar, Seeing Live Music. I am getting into woodworking. 

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: University of Vermont for my BS in Math and MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and Tech Integrationist Endorsement

Teaching Experience: 10 years high school math teacher, 6 years SU math coordinator, 3 years Technology Coordinator

Why Teaching? Whether as a coach, tutor, or teacher around math, technology, or any other subject, I have always liked helping people learn and realize success.

Quotable: Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game!


DARAH ZURIT, K-2 Special Educator

Darah Zurit

Hometown:  Underhill, VT

Hobbies/Interests: Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, art, gardening, playing outdoors with my kids

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: Lyndon State College-Undergraduate Degree in Sociology, Sierra Nevada College- Master in Arts-Teaching Elementary Ed., Vermont HIgher Education Collaborative/Castleton State College- Special Education Dual Endorsement in Special Education

Teaching Experience: Bijou Community School-(2nd grade) South Lake Tahoe, CA 2012-13, Laraway School in Johnson, VT 2013-2016 (Special Elementary Ed. mixed grades), Lowell School, Lowell, VT 2016-2017 (Middle school Special Educator)

Why Teaching? I am a life-long learner. I find inspiration in many aspects of education. I especially enjoy finding creative ways of designing learning objectives to suit the needs of struggling learners and am passionate about helping learners find their potential. I enjoy problem-solving and supporting children to understand more about their strengths, and how they can better understand and navigate their own unique places in the world.

Quotable: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela


BECKY HUDAK, High School Math

Becky Hudak
Becky Hudak

Hometown: Montgomery, VT

Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, Snowboarding, and Traveling

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: Johnson State College, B.S. in Mathematics

Teaching Experience: 5 years at MVU

Why Teaching? I’d like to make a difference, and feel teaching is a way to do that.

Quotable: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


SHANNON MCCULLEN,  Literacy Interventionist Long-Term Substitute Teacher

Shannon McCullen
Shannon McCullen

Hometown:  Essex Junction, VT

Hobbies/Interests: Boy Scouts, camping, swimming

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: University of Vermont – double major in Education and Political Science

Teaching Experience: Social Studies Long-Term Substitute Teacher at Milton High School

Why Teaching? After an internship in the Senate, I realized I wanted to work with kids more than work in government.

Quotable: “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.” Abraham Lincoln


ALANA TORRACA, High School French Teacher

Alana Torraca
Alana Torraca

Hometown:   Fairfax, VT

Hobbies/Interests:  Taiko (Japanese drumming), reading, world languages, hiking, cooking, coffee

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:  Houghton College BA, University of Ottawa BEd, Carleton University MA in applied language studies and linguistics

Teaching Experience:  I have taught in Ontario, Japan, and Vermont, Pre-K, third grade, middle school, and ESL at St. Michael’s, and French to homeschoolers

Why Teaching? I love creating exciting new ways to learn and build skills, and I really enjoy watching students experience that “lightbulb moment” when they realize that they can do something that they didn’t think they could do.

Quotable: “Toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord étés des enfants.” (All grown ups were once children.) from The Little Prince, Antoine de St. Exupéry


KAREN SHEARER, High School Interventionist 

Karen Shearer
Karen Shearer

Hometown:  Essex Junction, VT

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, antiquing, being with family and friends

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: University of Vermont Bachelors Secondary English, St. Michael’s College Masters Elementary Education

Teaching Experience:  I have a wide range of teaching experience in public and private school settings and in educational non-profits. I’ve taught infants through adults.

Why Teaching? Teaching is about bringing out the best in our students.

Quotable: “For things to change, I must change.”


MARJORIE HOLLOCHER, High School Biology, and Farm to School 

Marjorie Hollocher

Hometown:  Falmouth, MA

Hobbies/Interests: Running, Hiking, Lake, Gardening, Spending time with my family

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: University of New Hampshire BS Nutritional Science, MS Education

Teaching Experience: I enjoy to learn each day and continue to encourage children to discover the world around them.

Why Teaching? Teaching is about bringing out the best in our students.

Quotable: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” ― John Muir

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