The start of each school year is a new beginning for children and the relation to their individual success is crucial. It is a time for meeting new friends, establishing relationships and building the foundation for a positive classroom community.
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Feeling valued, welcome, and safe is imperative for their confidence and growth and are the core beliefs of our Georgia Elementary School staff and community.


To help kick-off the year with fun and artistic creation, Sarah Frechette and Jason Thibodeaux, have been working with elementary classrooms, inspiring creativity through the creation of individual mask-making.


Students explored African Masks because there is a special connection between the creation and wearing steps of mask-making and the community that is established from such work. Students learn about self-expression, exhibiting individual personality, and the importance of each person’s special role within their community.

Masks will be displayed in each classroom setting and students will participate in a parade to showcase their work. Students had these things to say about their learning experiences with mask-making.

“I am a masketeer.”

“We are all learning together.”

“I can help you if you’d like.”

“I love art!”

“Thank you, Ms. Sarah and Mr. Jason”


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