Over the summer a large television was added to the GEMS Middle School Lobby in preparation for an exciting new Innovation Lab project called GEMS TV.

Students create and produce content for GEMS TV
Students create and produce content for GEMS TV

The purpose of GEMS TV is to showcase the great work that students are doing in their classes across grade levels along with other informational content. A group of enthusiastic students will lead the technical implementation of GEMS TV as well.

As the school year begins, Mr. Hadd and Mrs. Payne are working with two classes to jump-start GEMS TV. One class focuses on content creation and the other is implementing the programming. Throughout the year, an Innovation Lab Advisory Group (AG) will meet each morning to curate and organize content as well as provide leadership for the project.

GEMS Innovation Lab Advisory Group
GEMS Innovation Lab Advisory Group

So many of the products created at GEMS are digital or live performance and often don’t lend themselves to being displayed for extended or repeated viewing. GEMS TV will bring this student work to new audiences as well as inform students, staff, and visitors about school information and events. GEMS TV has the potential to be a powerful communication tool.

GEMS TV on display at the school

Currently, a continuous 6-minute loop of images and video are on display on the middle school television. Soon this programming will be broadcast on a television in the main lobby as well. A future web stream may also bring selected content to other school devices and even home audiences over the internet. Once again, students will take the lead in developing and implementing the technical processes to make these innovations possible.


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