Using data is essential in today’s classroom to improve instruction. To help achieve this goal, FWSU has launched a new resource for all teachers. Alpine Achievement is a secure data analysis warehouse for K-12 Schools that we began using in a small pilot last winter. Our experience was so successful we are launching the system across all of our schools.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.29.33 PM

You may be wondering what is a data warehouse? It is a centralized repository of all school measurement data available in one, easy to use, location. Currently, our data is housed within several secure systems, but they are not all linked together. Linking the data into one easy-to-use dashboard will benefit both our students and our teachers.


A group of FWSU educators spent the last two days becoming a trainer-of-trainers in preparation for our upcoming inservice in October. At our upcoming inservice, each of our teachers will receive training in Alpine and will come away with a better understanding of how to use data to make decisions regarding instruction.


Alpine Achievement has been working with schools around the country to integrate data into their practice for over 18 years. Since FWSU began working with Alpine last year,  seven other school districts in Vermont have also decided to join us and use this innovative data warehouse. We forward to moving forward with data, understanding the stories that data can tell us and taking immediate action to improve learning for every student.

Target 2 – Leadership: FWSU students and staff lead innovative, personalized learning opportunities, both locally and globally.

Indicator of Success – Staff design and implement plans together.

Action Step – Shift teacher roles from director of teaching to facilitator of learning.

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