FWSU is very excited to announce that we have hired Cindy Burton to be our English Language Learner teacher.

c burton
Cindy Burton

Cindy will work with teachers to ensure English language learners are able to meaningfully access instruction.   The goal of ELL services is to increase students ability to access academic content while simultaneously providing instruction to develop their language skills. She will assist the district in continuing to provide support and instruction to students and their families.

Cindy’s professional experience includes teaching in ELL in Egypt, Abu Dhabi, South Burlington, and Essex.   Most recently, she was employed as a Reading Interventionist and has an extensive educational background in teaching strategies to struggling readers. She will use her knowledge of language acquisition, methods for teaching and assessing to integrate skills into instruction for ELL students.

Cindy is committed to cultivating a child’s love of learning while further promoting their acquisition and understanding of the English language.  She loves helping people learn new concepts, and develop or improve reading strategies. Cindy will work with teachers to ensure English Language Learners are able to meaningfully access instruction. She will work alongside teachers to create engaging lessons for English Language Learners and provide various types of language support.  

Cindy enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, bike riding, cooking, and spending time with her family.

We welcome Cindy to the FWSU team! 

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