Eighth-grade students at BFA Fairfax recently organized a bake sale to benefit those impacted by Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico last month.  The students also sought to raise awareness of the need for relief.

Students organize a bake sale.
Students raising awareness for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

The idea came as students in Emily Wills’ Grade Support Block were discussing current events. The group collaborated with other students and parents and the event raised over $600 for the storm-ravaged victims of Hurricane Maria.

Poster raising support for Puerto Rico.

The entire event was student-led — from sign-ups, requesting donated baked goods, posters, and collection containers in the new Makerspace. The class took shifts working at the sale.

Baked goods donated for Puerto Rico hurricane victims.
A vast assortment of baked goods were donated to support those impacted by Hurricane Maria.

The students would like to thank the community for their support!

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