Georgia Elementary School has had the pleasure of working with four student interns this fall from the University of Vermont.

UVM Student Teachers at Georgia Elementary Middle School.
UVM Student Teachers at Georgia Elementary Middle School.

They started their journey by attending inservice days in August and have been an integral part of first and second-grade classrooms for 4-and-a-half days each week.  They have observed, collaborated, and taught mini-lessons up to this current date and have responded professionally to the feedback they have received from GEMS staff and UVM professors. Each day they arrive early to greet children entering our school and have built wonderful relationships with students in their classrooms. Children love working with our interns and have expressed their feelings continuously. Our school is fortunate to work with UVM and to be part of the development of future educators of the world.


The core mission of the Elementary Education Program is “to teach all children strategically in diverse communities of learners.”



Full-time internships provide an opportunity for each prospective teacher to:

  • Have the knowledge and skills in the content area(s) of the endorsement at a level, which enables students to meet or exceed the standards represented by the Common Core State Standards, The Next Generation Science Standards, and the Vermont Grade Level Expectations
  • Understand how individuals learn and grow and provide learning opportunities that support intellectual, physical, social & emotional growth
  • Understand how individuals & groups differ and create equitable instructional opportunities that respond to the needs of all students


  • Use a variety of instructional strategies to provide opportunities for students to meet or exceed the standards listed above
  • Create a classroom climate that encourages respect for self and others, positive social and emotional growth
  • Implements, adapts, revises, and, when necessary, creates curriculum based on standards, and student’s prior and current knowledge, needs & interests
  • Use multiple assessment strategies to evaluate student growth & modify instruction to ensure the continuous intellectual, social, physical & emotional development of every student
  • Assess student progress in relation to standards, modify plans and pedagogy accordingly, and demonstrate student learning over time as a result
  • Use research, data, including student performance data, and other resources to improve practice
  • Understand and integrate current technologies in instruction, assessment, and professional productivity


  • Work as a team member and form professional relationships with colleagues as part of a system and actively implement the school’s goals and articulated curriculum
  • Establish collaborative relationships with school colleagues, parents, agencies, and others in the community at large to support students’ learning and well-being
  • Understand laws related to student and educator rights and responsibilities and treat students and colleagues fairly and equitably
  • Grow professionally, through a variety of approaches, to improve professional practice and student learning
  • Maintain useful records of student work and performance and knowledgeably, effectively, and responsibly communicate student progress in relation to standards

We are pleased that this partnership with UVM has offered student teachers an opportunity to experience rural communities and support future educators in their careers.

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