The last few weeks have provided multiple opportunities for our elementary students to showcase their hard work and performance skills to authentic audiences and our students have not disappointed.

The cast of Hansel & Gretel

This time of year is always full of events that engage our community in celebrating our music, visual, and dramatic arts programs. Whether a band concert, a holiday choral concert, a showcase of student artwork posted throughout the school, or a drama performance, our students are challenging themselves to learn and grow.

3-5 Grade Concert
3-5 Grade Concert
3-5 Grade Concert

The Arts programs at BFA Fairfax have steadily grown over the past few years through the opportunities and numbers of students participating. I am so proud of our students for enthusiastically embracing the opportunities to act, sing, play music, and create artwork.

Elementary Artwork
Elementary Artwork
Elementary Artwork

We are fortunate to have amazing staff members that foster our students’ interest and share their passion for the Arts.

K-2 Concert

Finally, a huge thank you to our community for providing the financial support, continuing to attend our concerts and plays, and admiring our emerging artists.

Elementary Artwork
Elementary Artwork

The past few weeks have served as another reminder to me that the Arts are thriving at BFA Fairfax Elementary!

Principal Tom Walsh

Thomas Walsh is the Principal of BFA Fairfax Elementary Middle School and is a regular contributor to the FWSU Blog. You can follow him on Twitter @educatamount

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