FWSU is excited to welcome Lindsay Sheehan as our new Tooth Tutor. Lindsay is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has an Associates Degree in Accounting from Community College of Vermont and an Associates Degree in Science from Vermont Technical College. She is currently employed as a Dental Hygienist at a private practice in Williston.  

Lindsey Sheehan, FWSU Tooth Tutor
Lindsey Sheehan, FWSU Tooth Tutor

Lindsay lives in Charlotte, but moving to Fairfax in February. Her hobbies and interests include snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, line dancing, and riding her motorcycle. Lindsey looks forward to educating students about the importance of oral health and helping ensure all students are getting regular dental care. She can assist families with finding a dentist and accessing the healthcare system.   

Tooth tutors help keep smiles healthy
Tooth tutors help keep smiles healthy.

The Tooth Tutor Program is designed to increase education and access to dental care beginning in childhood. The program provides classroom dental health education as well as school-wide support for oral health. Regular dental visits and good oral hygiene habits are emphasized to help prevent dental disease. Additionally, Tooth Tutor has expanded beyond prevention and now includes links with community oral health professionals. The program builds and maintains working relationships with students, families, and healthcare providers. These relationships decrease barriers and increase access to available resources. 

Welcome to FWSU, Lindsay!

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