Six years ago, the first FWSU Evaluation Committee met and began the process of reshaping the teacher evaluation system. The committee was successful and since that time that group has never stopped working on making our evaluation system even more relevant and effective for all of our teachers. This year is no different. The committee has been hard at work updating our system so it remains true to the goal of improving teaching and learning in our districts.

Mindfulness jars!

 The goal of the committee this year is clear. It has been working on making the evaluation system less passive and more evidence based, similar to the the proficiency model we are now building for students. The committee’s focus so far this year has been on how to incorporate micro-credentials into the evaluation system. Micro-credentials are like mini-degrees, or certifications, in a specific topic areas. The topic areas chosen by the committee are the four FWSU Action Plan Targets – Proficiency Based Personalized Learning, Leadership, Flexible Learning Environments and Community Engagement.

Along with the proposed enhancements, the committee is recommending that many of our current practices stay in place to ensure a model of evaluation that allows for growth. The aspects that will stay the same are our mini-observation model and our stakeholder feedback. What will change is the cycle for teachers will increase from two years to three. Mini-observations are conducted by administrators and capture a brief glimpse into classroom instruction, followed by written (and often verbal) feedback to teachers. Stakeholder feedback is a great opportunity for our FWSU families to share their perspective on their child’s school experience.


Members serving on the FWSU Evaluation Committee include teachers and administrators,  This year they are Ned Kirsch (FWSU), Heather Skiorsky (GEMS), Chris Dodge (FES), Linda Keating (FWSU), Mariah Mandigo (GEMS), Juliet King (BFA) and Karen Witalec-Krupa (BFA).

FWSU New Teachers discuss.

We set the bar high for continuous learning by our students. We do the same for our teachers. The work of the Evaluation Committee helps to ensure that the process is clear, relevant and supportive of our FWSU educators as they grow and discover new and exciting strategies for facilitating the best learning available.


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