Our January school assembly at Georgia Elementary celebrated the different cultures and ethnicity that make up our school community. Conversations in classrooms blossomed over to a school wide celebration to honor and celebrate who we are. To begin our morning meeting (Pk-4 students and staff), adults and students modeled the different greetings to one another for each grade level to observe in a variety of languages:  “Bonjour”  “Nihao” “yeoboseyo”  “kon’nichiwa” and “aloha”  were all greetings shared pointing out the many different languages that represent our family.   A guided African dance followed “Che Che Koolay”  as a movement activity and for students to gain a  deeper understanding and meaning of how we communicate differently and value different cultures.
Our Georgia school community is special and made up of unique, diverse, individuals who have different ideas, beliefs, and thoughts from our world.  What we know about one another is that we all belong to our school community and our bond is that of treating one another Respectfully through Responsible and Safe choices.

Middle school students who are part of a film project put together the following video to exemplify our entire community PK-8.  Another wonderful example of the collaborative, thoughtful, work that students exhibit through actions and creations to acknowledge who we are.  Our Innovation Lab students have captured our school culture from day to day.

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