BFA Fairfax continues to lead the way with providing students access to their own personalized learning. BFA is transforming learning, to provide innovative, progressive approaches to the implementation of Act 77.

Sean Theoret, the technology integrationist at the high school is working with a small group of students to explore digital media. This learning opportunity was designed based on student interest to create an online publication for the school. Driven by student interest Sean is facilitating students to plan, design, and implement a monthly publication.

Students make use of the innovation space in the high school during their own personal free time to learn and create.The website will be a way students can share student interests including school sports, arts, local music, writing, and photography.  Currently, the team has begun to design a mockup website that they hope to publish in early February.

This authentic learning is a way to share student perspective for students, teachers, and the community to see what’s going on at BFA. And the best of all, the students are the driving force behind this unique learning opportunity.

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