BFA Fairfax 5th-Grade Science Teacher Sandy Brown, along with the support of Technology Integrationist Rhonda Siemons, are collaborating to integrate STEM into the classroom.

STEM challenges with Lego Mindstorms.

By integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) into learning, students develop computational thinking skills such as critical thinking and are able to make gains in science and literacy. These important skillsets are the foundation for fueling the next generation of innovators.

Recently, Mrs. Brown was awarded a grant to purchase Mindstorm EV3 Robot kits.

5th graders unpack the Mindstorms!

Mrs. Siemons has led the 5th-grade students in several inquiry lessons allowing the students to explore all of the components of the kit. Next, the classes began to work with partners to take these parts and design working automated robots. Through thought-provoking, engaging lessons students work together with peers and persevere through challenges.

Students explore the Mindstorms.

Using these newly developed skills, students are looking foward to begin programming the robots to complete a series of challenges.

Students engaged in learning more about STEM.
Students engaged in learning more about STEM.


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