Georgia Elementary students have been participating in a “mix it up” lunch day, monthly, and plan to continue for the rest of this school year.

GEMS students find their match in “mix-it-up” lunch!

Upon entering the cafeteria students draw an index card with a number which designates a table they need to eat at on that given day. At that table is a question that everybody needs to read and reply to.

Each table has a different question and everyone needs to express their thoughts with their “new” friends.  Toward the end of their lunch period, the microphone is provided for all to share.

Students making new connections with peers over lunch.

Some of the most sought-after skills in the 21st-century workforce are Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication, and Listening Skills according to Fortune500. Creating such opportunities within the school day allows students to develop and practice these skills in new situations outside of their comfort zone.

Mix-it-up lunch at GEMS!

Many students were reluctant at first, but have inquired as to “when will we do the cards again” and look forward to “mixing it up” monthly. Children are making new friends and are learning a lot about their peers and staff within our school.

They are honing communication skills and enjoying the opportunities provided each month that will serve them well into the future.

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