Kindergarten students in Mrs. Blackman’s class at the Fletcher Elementary School lead a school-wide food drive recently. Initially, students had planned to each bring 100 pennies to school to celebrate the 100th day of school. The pennies were to be donated to charity. However, after discussing community needs, the students initiated a school-wide food drive and collected more than 350 items for the Fairfax Community Food Shelf.


Decorative collection boxes and posters were made during art classes with older student “art buddies” helping the younger students. The kindergarten students practiced public speaking skills by discussing the effort with other classes and office staff. The food shelf serves the towns of Fletcher, Fairfax, and Westford. The project was based on a study of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a worldwide initiative for students of all ages, and focused on awareness of poverty and hunger, efforts to promote health and well-being, and the creation of sustainable communities. The kindergartners were very excited to realize that they could take action to help others.


Pictured here, Rev. Elizabeth Griffin accepts the food donations and speaks with students about the importance of being helpful, caring community members.

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