Deep into March, our students anxiously anticipate the warmth of spring in Vermont (mud season!). Day 127 of 178 student days in our calendar is just another day in the life of our schools…


Students and teachers use time throughout the day to interact with each other and engage in discovery. You never quite know what will happen as things get started each morning in our schools – but we do know it will never be mundane. Each day promises fresh opportunities for learning and growth for our students.


On gray Wednesdays, the moments can easily drift away from our memories – or may be the spark that remains with our students for a lifetime.


Whether it’s taking on a new challenge or simply enjoying chorus with a friend, the unfolding school day enriches and nurtures the spirit of our students.


IMG_1122 2

Day 127 is like so many others in our schools. It is a day of learning, a day of imagination, and a day of relationships. It is the connections we build that make FWSU a special place for each child.

IMG_1142 2


The smiles of our children tell the story – day 127 was a great day at FWSU!

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