Once again, our fourth and fifth graders that participate in the Elementary Drama Club put on two magnificent performances of Holka Polka for students, parents and staff members.


While watching I am always reminded how valuable these learning experiences are for our students.  There are so many important skills that are learned through participation in plays that help students in all phases of their lives.  Our students learn to authentically collaborate with others through rehearsing and providing each other feedback.  They learn how to effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally.  As actors, they practice empathy by understanding their characters and their different situations, backgrounds, and experiences.


Students demonstrate responsibility by learning their roles, managing their time, and supporting the members of the cast.  The actors are provided an outlet to be creative, gain self-confidence, and focus.  Most importantly, students have fun and build positive memories and a desire to continue to participate in the theater.


I always appreciate the opportunity to watch the enjoyment of the audience members as they see their friend, sibling, or child shine during the performance.  The smiles, laughter, and pride are contagious.  It never gets old watching our students take a risk and discover the fun of performing for others.


Thank you to Katie Haddock, Juliet King, and Jennifer and Mark Kalbfleisch for all of your time and efforts to create this experience for our students.  I appreciate that our community continues to support local theater and I look forward to next year’s performance.

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