Minh Thu is a senior at BFA Fairfax this year. She is enrolled in a variety of courses and plans to attend college next year like the other members of the Class of 2018. Unlike the others, Minh has joined BFA Fairfax for the year from her home country of Vietnam. She spent last year in Vermont as an exchange student at BFA St. Albans. Minh enjoyed living in Vermont with her host family and decided that she would like to stay in Vermont for an additional year. Her parents supported her decision and Minh enrolled at BFA Fairfax using our ability to accept foreign students through the Department of Homeland Security’s I-20 program. High School Principal John Tague recently chatted with Minh to get her thoughts about her experiences in Vermont and at BFA Fairfax.

Minh Thu is a senior at BFA Fairfax this year through the Immigration I-20 program.
Minh Thu is a senior at BFA Fairfax this year.

Where are you from? My family lives in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I was able to be there for a month last summer.

What do you like best about Vermont? I like the scenery of Vermont. The fall season is beautiful. I like maple syrup and ice cream too!

What do you miss the most about Vietnam? I miss my mom’s cooking. She gives me recipes but they don’t taste the same when I make them!

What are your favorite classes? I enjoyed Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology last semester. This semester, Public Speaking is my favorite.

What are your plans for next year? I will be attending Montana State University to study nursing.

Minh with her classmates
Minh with her classmates.

Are the two BFA’s different? Teachers in both schools are friendly. Students in Fairfax are friendlier. Fairfax is a smaller school which is nice, but St Albans had more sports choices.

What else would you like people to know? People should plan to visit Vietnam someday to experience the interesting culture and food. Most people know about Vietnam from the war. There have been many new developments since the Vietnam war and there are museums to learn more about it.

Anything else? I love American fast food. I have pizza every week. I like Whoppers and Big Macs, but the Whopper is better.

We love to have students in our school from across the globe. It offers our local students a wider perspective on the world outside Franklin County! We are fortunate to have Minh join our student body.

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