Summer is a time for students to relax, recharge and get some quality outdoor time. While they are away our schools are filled with staff making sure that everything is ready to go when students return. Today we want to feature or fabulous FWSU IT crew.

FWSU IT Technician Jason Smith assists an employee with a 1:1 Apple iPad device
FWSU IT Technician Jason Smith works on an iPad in Tech Central at BFA Fairfax

FWSU prides itself on the access to technology that our students and teachers have each day at school. Our philosophy has always been for our infrastructure and equipment to be easily accessible and not something that has to be thought about while in the classroom. Just like electricity, when you turn the switch on it just works. Of course, that’s easier said than done – but our team gets it done!


Here is a brief rundown of the work completed this summer at all of our schools:

  • Combined all 1:1 device management in a single system
  • Prepped and ready to deploy massive classroom management across the SU for both 1:1 and shared care devices
  • Institute SU-wide inventory management system 
  • Officially Centralized IT staffing into a mobile adaptable team that will cover all schools seamlessly.
  • BFA Fairfax deployed full google storage cloud-to-cloud backup system
  • Re-imaged Innovation Lab desktops computers
  • Prepped iPads for all students


Thanks to Jody, Brendon, Jeff, Jason, and Carol for all of your work this summer!

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