A sure sign that school is right around the corner is the arrival of the new FWSU teachers. Yesterday was that day. This year we are happy to introduce and welcome the teacher class of 2018.

Welcome FWSU New Teachers 2018
Welcome FWSU New Teachers 2018

The new cohort teachers in our system spend their first day learning all about our schools from administrators, outside experts, and their mentor teachers.  They also enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other as well.

The topics covered on the first day included an overview of FWSU by Superintendent Ned Kirsch, overviews of the curriculum by Linda Keating, an overview of a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) and an introduction to FWSU’s trauma-informed system by Dr. Joelle Van Lent, PsyD.

The new teachers will be working with mentor teachers throughout the year learning the “ins and outs” of each of our schools. In addition, the new teachers will be meeting and learning together once per month under the direction of Director of Curriculum and Instruction Linda Keating.

In future blogs, we will highlight more about the journey of our new teachers in their first year at FWSU. But until then we only have one word — welcome!




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