Co-curricular athletics are a core component of the educational experience at BFA Fairfax.  We are extremely proud of the number of students accessing our multiple athletic opportunities throughout the school year, and view these opportunities as valuable, flexible, learning environments where multiple transferable skills are taught and reinforced.  This blog will be the first in a series at the start of every sports season this school year that will introduce our teams. We look forward to positive community support at our games and events this season!


High School Cross Country

Head Coach:  Karen Witalec-Krupa

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  3 as Head Coach, 1 as Asst. Coach

Next event:  Saturday, Sept. 15 at Hard’Ack 8am

My hopes for the season are to have both teams run successfully in packs during races, for student-athletes to experience individual improvement, and for everyone on the team to enjoy the sport! And of course, to have a great Fairfax Relays as always!”


Middle School Cross Country

Head Coach:  Danielle Rothy

Yrs. Coaching at BFA: 2 with MS Cross Country, 3 total

Next event:  Tuesday, Sept. 18 at Milton 3:30pm

“My hopes and goals for the team are to build endurance, speed and most of all a love for the sport of running. Keeping the kids active and watching them progress in their athletic ability is amazing to witness. Also, experiencing them open up to a new group of peers and friends reminds me of how important the team aspect of running is for athletes.”


High School Football

Head Coach:  Craig Sleeman

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  4

Next game:  Saturday, Sept. 15 at home vs. Poultney 1pm

“Goals for the season are to have a home playoff game for the seniors, and to advance past the first round of playoffs.”

Girls Varsity Soccer

Head Coach:  Jojo Lynch

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  2 at Varsity level, 3 at JV level

Next game:  Saturday, Sept. 15 at Enosburg 11am

“We graduated a solid group last year but it has been an exciting start to the new season (despite the scores) we are a young but talented group who I believe will be very successful this season.  Although we are on the road for the next couple of weeks I am most looking forward to playing home games in front of the supportive crowds that attend. Our seniors are a welcoming presence on the team for the younger players which will help us be very successful.”  


Girls JV Soccer

Head Coach:  Bill Ormerod

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  3 at JV level, 4 at MS level

Next game:  Saturday, Sept. 15 at Enosburg 11am

“Goals for freshman players are to introduce them to the speed and physicality of the high school game. For all players, teach them how to read the field, movement off of the ball and experience, playing as a team; each with a maximum amount of playing time. All this while having some fun and being a balanced student-athlete. Success to me is preparing players to contribute at the varsity level and achieve their individual goals.”

Boys Varsity Soccer

Head Coach:  Tim Kaleita

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  3

Next game:  Friday, Sept. 14 at home vs. Enosburg 4:30

“My goal for all my student-athletes is for them to reach their potential.  I don’t worry too much about wins and losses, more importantly, I’m concerned that they get the lessons of hard work, perseverance, commitment, and learning to work as a team through sports.”

Boys JV Soccer

Head Coach:  Irfan Sehic

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  2

Next game:  Thursday, Sept. 13 at home vs. Hazen 4:30

“My hope is that we created an environment where kids have fun and are getting useful tools to navigate the realities of life.  My dream is that my hope mentioned above becomes a reality. I will consider this season a success if students and parents are happy.”

7th Gr. Girls Soccer

Head Coach:  Jamie Wooster

Yrs. Coaching at BFA: 2 as Head Coach, 1 as Volunteer Assistant

Next game:  Thursday, Sept. 13 at home vs. MVU 4pm

“My hopes for the season are to make sure the girls have fun and learn more of the fundamentals of the game. For me, success is having the girls come back and play again next year.”


8th Gr. Girls Soccer

Head Coach:  Bronwyn Decker

Yrs. Coaching at BFA: 2

Next game:  Thursday, Sept. 13 at home vs. MVU 5pm

“We had our first game vs. Peoples on 9/11.  They were a very skilled, aggressive team. We were happy to come out with a tie against such an intense level of play.  From here on expectations are high for a successful season. The 8th-grade girls listen, they want to learn, they want to get better and work hard because of this.  A fun group to coach! Come cheer us on!” ⚽️

7th Gr. Boys Soccer

Head Coach:  Samantha Gillilan

Yrs. Coaching at BFA: First year

Next game:  Thursday, Sept. 13 at MVU 4pm

“I believe that teaching kids what they need in a game as well as real life go hand in hand.  I am a firm believer in positive coaching. The boys on the 7th-grade team have had me as a coach for many years which is great coming into the BFA coaching. My goal for the season is for these boys to learn team building, working on skill level, being positive role models for younger kids and that winning is not our main focus. These boys are a great group of kids and it is my pleasure coaching them.”

Image-1 (2)

8th Gr. Boys Soccer

Head Coach:  Rich Degraff-Murphy

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  2

Next game:  Thursday, Sept. 13 at MVU 5pm

“This season we will continue to develop the individual skills of each player. We will challenge them technically, physically and mentally. We hope that they will expand their team play and knowledge of the game this year.  We will inspire them to build their confidence and become leaders on and off the pitch. We are very much looking forward to an exciting season!”


Fall Cheerleading Club

Head Coach:  Michelle Brown

Yrs. Coaching at BFA:  First year with cheerleading club, 18 years total.

Next event:  Saturday, Sept. 15 at home Football game vs. Poultney 1pm

“This is the first fall season for Cheerleading in over 10 years. We have several goals for this season:

1) to help increase school spirit, via cheering at home games, participating in Homecoming and having increased visibility around school.

2) continue to volunteer with the youth and middle school fall teams to help build the program.

3) to work on advancing overall cheer skills.

4) to participate in the State Championship Game Day Competition, and represent Fairfax well.”

Geri Witalec

Geri Witalec-Krupa is an Athletic Director/Assistant Principal at BFA Fairfax is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You follow her @GLWit  

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