Last week, the 7th grade team embarked on an excursion to Arbor Trek in Jeffersonville, Vermont.  


Teachers Jenn Skerrett, Jerry Bailey, Emily Wills, Shannon McCullen, and Michelle Messier along with paraeducators Cristin Pullis, Breanna Bult, Linda Pouliot, and Allie Smith led a small group of students through a variety of activities under the direction of the Arbor Trek staff.



“It wasn’t what I expected, but it was a lot of fun, especially the climbing.” – Morgan, student

“I wish we did more climbing, but I really like the electric maze” – Eliza, student


The goal was to help the students on this newly formed team to build relationships with each other, practice teamwork, and challenge themselves in a new environment. Although many of the students have been together throughout their school years, this is the first year of their two year cycle with new teachers and the team now includes students from Fletcher.


“It was interesting to see the different student leadership roles throughout the day.” – Emily Wills, teacher


Students participated in team building activities like the “helium stick”, the “team wall climb”, the “spider web” and the “electric maze.” In addition, they had the opportunity to experience a rock climbing wall and a variety of rope climbing challenges.


“It was really fun. I liked the climbing part best. I’m afraid of heights, but I did it anyway!” – James, student

“It’s great to see the growth in teamwork as the day goes on.” – Cristin Pullis, paraeducator

“The spider web was fun for teambuilding. It tested our group and it was funny.” -Peyton, student


Overall, it was a beautiful day to be outside and an outstanding example of a flexible learning environment. Students and teachers learned about themselves and each other while creating memories that will last through their school years.


“We got to do activities that we haven’t done. We all stood on a small board together!”
– Breanna, student

“The climbing elements were very engaging to the students. So many students went outside their comfort zone.” – Jennifer Skerrett, teacher

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