GEMS students celebrate kindness

This year, the fifth graders at Georgia Elementary Middle School are focusing on kindness.  Teachers started the year challenging the students to 30 days of random acts of kindness.  The students kept track of their acts of kindness on slips of paper and hung them outside Mr. Demar’s and Ms. Mandigo’s classrooms. 

During these 30 days, we saw students inviting new peers to sit with them at lunch or including them in play at recess. Teachers saw students leaving notes of appreciation for our custodial staff and other staff members throughout the school. They witnessed students picking up items off the floor that other students had dropped.  Teachers saw students supporting and encouraging each other. It has been great to experience all the random acts of kindness being extended by so many of our students. 

Along with the 30 days of random acts of kindness, each student painted a kindness rock. These rocks are under the lone tree by the labyrinth. 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


Through a generous grant, the entire fifth-grade teaching staff and students were presented with Be Kind t-shirts. These shirts will be worn by all of fifth-grade on the last Friday of each month. The last Friday of the month is also when the fifth-grade students are recognized for their many talents.

GEMS students display their kindness t-shirts

Building on the theme of kindness, fifth-grade students will participate in a Holiday Toy Drive for children. As many students as possible will bring gifts to school by December 14th to distribute within our community. 

It has been a great start to the school year!

UN SDG Global Goal 4: Quality Education

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