The tip-off of the 2018-19 BFA Fairfax basketball season is just around the corner, and the BFA Athletic Department is pleased to welcome two new members to the high school basketball family.  New junior varsity coaches Patrick Greene (boys) and Leslie Lamoureux (girls) are two experienced and highly skilled coaches who bring fantastic ideas and energy to our programs. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce them to our school community.

Patrick Greene – JV Boys Basketball

Can you tell us about your coaching experience?

I have coached at all levels of basketball over the last 10+ years. Most recently, for the past four seasons, I have been an assistant coach for JV & Varsity at a DII high school in Providence RI where we made the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 seasons. I also coached the #1 ranked JV in the state two seasons ago (14-1). In addition to that I have been coaching for a well known, highly competitive AAU program in RI for the last 6 years, competing against the top competition throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

What are you most excited for this season?

Being in a new environment and getting to know all of the players and their families. I love being in the gym with the team for practices and games. Watching the players improve over the season, seeing their confidence grow, and teaching them things they might not have known about the game to start.

What will success look like for you?

Every team I coach I always measure success the same way; how many kids come back the following season. Everyone wants to win games, everyone wants to be successful and especially nowadays there is a lot of pressure on coaches, players, and all involved but if a player comes back the next season it usually means they had fun, felt challenged, learned some life lessons, and generally enjoyed the experience. To me that’s success.

Do you have a favorite sports memory?

Last year I was asked to “help out” if I could with a middle school CYO team. When I arrived to the tryout I was the only coach in a gym of 30+ kids much to my surprise. I had to run a tryout on the fly, make three teams, and head coach one of the teams. The team I coached ended up going 12-2 and had the #2 seed in the state playoff. We rolled through the playoffs and ended up beating the #1 seed in the state finals (a very good city team that beat us by 17 during the season). We won the state title and went on to represent RI in the “New Englands” in Hartford, CT.

Leslie Lamoureux – JV Girls Basketball

Can you tell us about your coaching experience?

5 years coaching high school girls basketball at Keene High School in Keene, NH.

What are you most excited for this season?

I am excited to see what the season will bring. Working with a new group of girls and in a different environment can seem a bit intimidating but this athletic program has welcomed me and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it.

What will success look like for you?

1. Building and working together as a team/program  2. learning how to become a better teammate 3. to of course HAVE FUN! ….all three I believe will lead to a successful season.

Do you have a favorite sports memory?

I played basketball at Norwich University. At one of our away games, the gym (at Simmons University) was located in a lower part of an athletic building, where we needed to take an elevator to get there. When the doors opened, we noticed a team was already practicing on the court. It was the San Antonio Spurs getting ready for their game against the Celtics that night! We were able to get a few autographs on our shoes. Quite the memory!!!

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