When you enter BFA Fairfax after the New Year, the lobby will look a bit different. Our school office renovation to enhance safety is nearly complete. Finishing touches will be completed over the holiday break. Upon entering the school, you will notice four new windows.

One of these windows will provide access to the main office and our receptionist Amy Plog. Parents and visitors will beable to drop off items or hand in paperwork through the window. If visitors need to enter the school for a meeting or conference, we will be able to activate the doors and let them in from this office.

From the student side of the lobby, students will be able to check in with Mrs. Plog for tardy slips, bus notes, and early release permission. They will also be able to pick up those forgotten items that parents drop off!

The new area will house an office for the principal that is centrally located near the Student Support Center and School Resource Officer (SRO). Students, teachers, and parents will also have easy access to Principal Tague as they enter the building or pass through the lobby between classes.

The renovations were funded in part by a $25,000 Safety Grant from the State of Vermont. Control of the entrance to schools has been a top safety priority for the school and was one of the approved uses of the available grants. We are excited to move into our new space and provide increased safety for BFA Fairfax.


John Tague is the High School Principal at BFA Fairfax. You can follow him @jtague252 

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