The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFPC) consists of community members, school board representatives, administrators, staff members and parents invested in process of developing recommendations to address the future needs of our school building.   

The charge of this committee is to determine the facility requirements that will support current and future educational, safety and physical needs of our students, staff, and community for the next twenty-five years, while at the same time remaining aware of the fiscal constraints of our budget and community.

The LRFPC recently asked the Fairfax community to complete the Building Improvement Questionnaire for the BFA Fairfax School to provide input that will allow the committee to prioritize the importance of each of the school building’s identified areas of need.

We received four hundred and fifty-seven response from a range of community members.  The results indicated support for renovations that would address upgrades that impact building safety, efficiency, and accessibility.  The survey also highlighted interest in enhancing learning opportunities through improvements to science labs, music spaces, an auditorium, and gymnasium spaces.

The survey results also provided important feedback about the information that taxpayers are requesting of the LRFPC.  Survey respondents overwhelmingly requested transparent financial costs for all phases of the proposed project, as well as the tax impact of any bond to improve the school.

The LRFPC is currently reviewing the survey results and feedback to determine our next steps.  In addition, we will be revisiting our architectural renderings to identify project proposals that incorporate our community’s feedback.  We will continue to update you on our progress. Thank you for taking time to provide us feedback and for your ongoing support of our school and community.

Please feel free to contact me or John Tague if you have any questions or concerns at and/or  We look forward to continuing to engage our community in a process that serves our students for the next several decades.

Thomas Walsh is currently Principal of BFA Fairfax Elementary School and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @ecucatamount

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