Fourth and fifth graders at Fletcher Elementary School spent some time analyzing their year-long cumulative behavior data during a Guidance class last week. With the support of School Counselor Lisa Coale and Classroom Teacher Rebecca Cardone, students took a closer look at their collective behavior referrals by day of the week, time of day and problem behavior. 

The school tracks behavior referrals online using a platform called SWIS, the School-Wide Information System, which allows staff to sort and view data many of different ways. SWIS is part of a larger structure called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or PBIS. 

“We can drill down and really look closely at the specifics of both positive and rule-breaking behavior,” Coale said. “As a result, we can continue to support students’ successes and put in place some very specific targeted interventions to help clear up any challenging situations.”

SWIS allows staff to analyze behavior referrals time of day, number of referrals per day per month, location, day of the week, problem behavior, grade and student.

During the same timeframe last year, students in this class had a total of 75 behavior referrals, classified as either Buddy Classroom visits (minor behaviors) or Office Referrals (more serious or ongoing behaviors.) This year students have reduced their referrals to 17. 

“Using data helps students identify exactly what they are doing well and what they can work on,” Coale said. “Analyzing their own data and helping to create a plan of action promotes buy-in and makes it more likely that they will follow through on the strategies put in place.”

Students worked in three groups, each analyzing one aspect of the data. In the end, one student from each group reported out to the others on their observations. We invite you to watch their video report, shared here. 

Christopher Dodge is the Principal of Fletcher Elementary School and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him on Twitter @FletcherFalcon

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