“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to grow in a safe and healthy environment. And with that said, the Georgia community, their families, along with the Georgia Elementary and Middle School, are modeling just that.   It is the “village” approach that has allowed for our success in keeping school open and operational.

Parents have exhibited flexibility and understanding as the school has had to change many routines and common practices to uphold safety guidance this year.  Bus routes and schedules have been altered, drop offs and pickups for school have been rearranged, student events have been cancelled and/or modified, academic schedules are ever changing and the list goes on and on and on.  But, as these new developments in our routines occur, our parents and students have shown great stamina in adapting and overcoming each and every adversity. 

Staff members overwhelmingly find the means to support students and colleagues amidst staffing shortages.  Shortages in our schools continue to arise, but those who are present and healthy step up and keep our school community functioning in an impressive way.  Shifting to cover classroom routines, amending personal schedules to support colleagues, or just being flexible to be placed anywhere, on any given day, is the professionalism and school spirit observed daily.

Students  are resilient!  They “ Go with the flow” with every changing day.  Their ability to regulate emotions and consistently flex with daily change is impressive.  I am so proud to see student growth, in many, in how they overcome barriers day in and day out and for the strength to do so daily.  

As part of our PBIS School Wide mission, to model best practices for others, I would like to acknowledge ALL of the individuals that are making this year a success.  For the mindset they exhibit and the positive approach they share every day: 

Our parents, paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, content specialists, special educators, nurses, librarians, administrative support staff, food service providers, bus drivers, custodians, U/A teachers, school board members, FWSU personnel and….. ,most importantly, our STUDENTS.  You all deserve to be recognized for your contributions this year.

Thank you! 

Steve Emery is the Elementary Principal of Georgia Elementary Middle School. He is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him @Emery_Gems.

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