Mr. Cliff Anderson, BFA Fairfax Buildings & Grounds

The BFA Fairfax community would like to recognize Mr. Cliff Anderson for his fifteen years of service to the Fairfax Town School District. Cliff will be retiring in February and has been an important part of our school community as a member of our Building and Grounds team. For the past decade and a half, Cliff has brought a positive attitude to our school and always treated all students, staff, and community members with kindness.

We value Cliff for his hard work, his ongoing dedication to maintaining our school building, his ability to problem solve, and his organizational skills. Equally as important, Cliff always made sure to check in to find out if there were things that needed his attention or to follow up on something that needed to be addressed.

We wish Cliff well on the next phase of his life. We hope that he gets some time to rest, has opportunities to travel, and gets to spend time with the people he loves. We are grateful for his service to our community and we will miss his kind demeanor and steady presence in our school building. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Cliff!

Thomas Walsh is the Principal of BFA Fairfax Elementary School and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY.

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